December 30, 2016

Ruby Quilts at Glad Creations

Ruby - the gemstone for a 40th anniversary. Our staff challenge for 2016 was to make Ruby Quilts to honor our 40th Anniversary. Judging by the number of quilts that were turned in, everyone loved the idea.  Who knew there were so many different kinds of red! We've just completed hanging the show.  The quilts will be on display through January 11, 2017.  It's a great show!  Stop in to see it if you can - or enjoy our slide show.

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December 26, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 15

Note as you get started on this block: Be sure to follow the piecing sequence for the roof sections. The first step is to add the 2-3/4" background squares onto each end of the 14" x 2-3/4" roof section with a diagonal seam. Add the 14" x 7" roof section to the unit you've already sewn, then add the 7-1/2" background square to the roof section.  This technique make the upper roof section float a bit.

Here's my fabric selection using the Moda Grunge bundle 

  • Roof - Gris
  • House - Rose
  • Pinwheel Dark - Raspberry
  • Pinwheel Light - Creme
  • Tree - assorted Greens and Teals
  • Tree Trunk - Fur

Keep having fun! Only one block left to go when you've completed this one!


December 18, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 14

This week's block is a quick one.  If you've been keeping up, you're almost done!  Here's a tip: after you sew the half-square triangle units that make the sail, square them up to 6-1/4" from raw edge to raw edge.  They'll fit perfectly into your block.

Here's my fabric selection using the Moda Grunge bundle:

  • Flag - Geranium 
  • Sails - Kraft
  • Mast - Fur; 
  • Boat - Eggplant
  • Waves and Water - Sky
Keep quilting,

December 11, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 13

Today's tip: Be sure to follow the instructions for making the leaves (step 2) so you have mirror image leaves.  Some of us might have been hurrying along too much and made all of the leaves facing
the same direction.

Oh well, it didn't take to long to fix it.

Here's my fabric selection for those of you following along with the Moda Grunge fabric selection:

  • Leaves - Decadent
  • Flowers - Sunflower for the larger circle and Raspberry for the center 
  • Roof - Papaya 
  • Half-square triangles - Papaya 
  • House - Vert
  • Windows - Creme
  • Bird applique: Beak - Sunshine; Body & Tail - Cobalt; Wing - Sky; Eye - Eggplant
Have fun!

December 4, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 12

You'll have this block together in no time!  It's just a couple of quick nine-patches featured in a large four-patch block.

Here's my fabric selection if you're following along with our Moda Grunge bundle:

  • House Roof - Eggplant 
  • Houses - Jade 
  • Chimneys - Kraft
  • Nine-patches - Aqua - I used background for the light squares in the nine-patches as listed in the cutting instructions.
Keep working on your blocks! Only 4 more to go when you've finished your nine-patch house.


November 27, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 11

These are fun, quick houses to stitch up.  I think they look a bit like colorful beach cabanas.

Here's my fabric selection:

  • Houses are Papaya, Rose, Prussian Blue, Raspberry, Spearmint and Hyacynth.
  • Roofs are Gris, Eggplant, another Gris, Cobalt, Cherry and Papaya.
  • Windows (or doors) are Creme.
There are only 5 blocks left to go.  I hope you're all having fun and are getting lots of blocks made. Here's a link to the setting instructions if you'd like to start sewing rows together as you get your blocks done.


November 20, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 10

Love the star on this house, and notice how cleverly it's made. The star floats just a bit so you won't loose your star-points when you piece the house together. 

My fabric selection: 

  • Tree - Jade (or do multiple green and turq. if you wish)
  • Tree Trunk - Fur
  • Star - Eggplant
  • House Roof - Lustra 
  • House - Elafin
Bird applique: Beak - Sunshine; Body & Tail - Cobalt; Wing - Sky; Eye - Eggplant

November 13, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 9

This was a fun house to make and once the bow tie blocks were done, it went together really fast. It reminds me of a castle.  I hope you're all having as much fun as I am stitching this neighborhood.

My fabric selection:

  • House Roof - Prussian Blue 
  • Bowties - Hyacynth 
  • Wondows - Creme 
  • House - Lustra.

November 6, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 8

When you finish this house you'll be halfway through the blocks for this quilt.  Isn't that just the point where you get overly confident and think you don't really have to look at the pattern?  Look at it. I sewed the flag parts together the wrong way and had to think a bit, then rip a bit.  If you're following the pattern, I'm sure you won't do that!  

There's a bit of applique for the flower on this block.  I'm doing satin stitch machine applique. You can also do raw edge applique by just sewing a straight stitch around the edge of the pieces after fusing them in place. If you enjoy hand applique, that's a great technique. Choose the technique you like best. 

My fabric selection: 

  • Leaves - Spearmint 
  • Flower - Sunflower & Eggplant
  • Roof - Hyacynth 
  • Flag - Geranium 
  • Flag Pole -Gris 
  • Window - Creme 
  • House - Cobalt
Enjoy your stitching!

October 30, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 7

Welcome back to the Neighborhood.  Aren't these houses fun?!  You can download Block 7 here.

You'll be making flying geese units to assemble this house.  Following the pattern instructions, you'll make the flying geese units using 5" x 2-3/4" rectangles and 2-3/4" squares.  This technique works great but if you have another technique you like, go ahead and do that.  The finished geese units will be 4-1/2" x 2-1/4" (5" x 2-3/4" including seam allowances).

Here my fabric selections if you're following along with the Moda Grunge fabrics:
  • Tree - assorted greens and turquoises
  • Tree Trunk - Fur
  • House Roof and Chimney - Papaya
  • House - Sunflower
  • Flying Geese Dark - Geranium
  • Flying Geese Medium - Rose
I hope you're all having fun.  

October 23, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 6

This looks like it could be the apartment building on the block.  Love the fancy tiles!

Take your time with the tiles on the house.  The pattern instructions are great. Just follow along for a simple way to make these square-in-a-square units.

You can download the pattern for Block #6 here.

My fabric selection for those of you following along with the Moda Grunge fabrics:

  • House Rooftops - Jade
  • Tiles - Sunflower
  • Windows - Creme
  • House - Decadent
Check out our facebook page - I've posted some picture of Neighborhood blocks done in different fabrics.


October 16, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 5

Block #5 is a valentine house! Have you been thinking about who's living in each house as you make it?  I wonder who would be living in this cute house.
Download the pattern for block #5 here.

My fabric selection:

  • House - Duchess
  • Roof and Chimney - Rose
  • Heart - Cherry
  • Bird - Sunflower beak, Cobalt body & tail, Sky wing and a bit of Eggplant for the eye.
The pattern had a neat way of doing the chimney.  Follow the step by step diagrams and it will turn out great!

October 10, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 4

Here's this weeks addition to the Neighborhood.  I think you'll find that this house goes together pretty quickly.  Download the pattern here.

You'll be making 3 quarter-square-triangle units for the foundation of this house.  You can cut the 5-1/4" squares into triangles as listed in the pattern or use another quarter-square-triangle technique if you like.

Another note - when you make the connector corners for the large roof, save the big triangles that you cut off.  You'll be able to use those to cut some smaller pieces on future blocks.

Here's my fabric selection for those of you following along with the Moda Grunge fabrics:

  • House Roof Large and House Roof Small - Cherry
  • Quarter-Square Triangles - Aqua
  • House - I used Elafin for the house except for the two 5-1/4" squares.  I cut those squares from Kelp.
  • Window - Creme
I'd love to see some photos of your finished blocks.  You can email them or post them on our facebook page.  Have fun!  

October 2, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 3

Isn't this a fun house with the mailbox and the cute bird sitting on the roof? Go to our web site to download the pattern for block #3.

You'll have a little bit of applique to do this time.  The pattern notes that the bird pattern pieces are "not reversed". If you're doing hand applique, you can make pattern pieces and use them right side up.  If you're doing fusible machine applique, flip your pattern pieces over when you mark on your fusible product.  Your bird will end up facing the same direction as shown on the picture of the block.  Save your pattern pieces - you'll be making 3 more birds on future blocks. Some face right, others face left.

Be sure to watch the layout diagram as you assemble the mailbox.  
The pattern shows a little circle on the front of the mailbox. I thought it made it look like a birdhouse instead of a mailbox. You choose.

For those of you following my color placement, here it is:
  • House - Sky
  • House roof - Kraft
  • Mailbox front - Kraft
  • Mailbox side & pole - Fur
  • Mailbox roof - Geranium
  • Windows - Creme
  • Flag - Sunflower
  • Flag pole - Gris
  • Bird applique - yellow beak; cobalt body & tail; light blue wing; eggplant eye
Have lots of fun.  I have my first 4 blocks on display at the shop. Stop by and see them if you have a chance.


September 25, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 2

Here's my block 2 for Moda's Be My Neighbor quilt.  It looks to me like it's a barn with a quilt painted on the side. Pick up your pattern for block 2 here.  I hope you're all having fun!

Here are the fabrics I used in my block.
I divided up the house color a little differently than listed in the pattern.
  • House:
1 - 9-1/2" x 3-1/4" rectangle - Geranium
1 - 9-1/2" x 2-1/4" rectangle - Geranium
4 - 5" x 2" rectangles - Geranium
2 - 3-7/8" squares - Decadent
4 - 2-3/8" squares - Decadent

  • House roof - Fur
  • Pinwheel - Jade
  • Pinwheel Points - Purssian Blue
  • Tower - Papaya
  • Tower Roof - Lustra
  • Tower Chimney - Lustra
Remember to share photos of your blocks as you finish them.


September 18, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 1

Here's my first block for Moda's "Be My Neighbor" quilt.  You can pick up your block pattern from our web site here.
Each week I'll be posting the selection of Moda Grunge fabrics that I've used in my block. I'll also let you know if I have any tips for cutting and assembling the block.

My fabric selection for block 1:

  • House - Geranium
  • Windows - Creme
  • Roof & Chimneys - Fur
  • Tree - I used assorted greens, aqua and jade. The trunk is Fur.

This week I have a few tips for cutting for scrappy blocks.

  • Background - you'll be cutting lots of different size squares and rectangles from your background fabrics.  It made sense to me to cut a strip across the width of the fabric for each size needed.  I then cut the squares and/or rectangles needed and labeled the leftover strip with it's width.  That makes it easy when you're working on the next block to pick up the size strip that you need. 
  • I am using the same approach to cutting for the house and trees.  I've cut strips in the sizes needed. cut off the squares or rectangles listed and saved the leftover ends for future blocks.  Don't worry about direction unless you have an obviously directional fabric.  For example: cutting the pieces for this first house, I cut the 2 - 12-1/2" x 2-1/2" rectangles and 3 - 2-1/2" x 7-1/2" rectangles from strips cut 2-1/2" x width of fabric.
  • I'm using "Creme" for windows in most of the blocks.  Most of the windows in future blocks are also 3-1/2" squares so if you cut a 3-1/2" strip, you'll use it again.
I know many of you are planning to select fabrics from your stash as you go.  We'd love to see how your blocks are coming along!  Post a picture to our facebook page or send me an email and I'll put together an album for each block.


September 11, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor

When I saw Moda's Neighborhood quilt, I knew I had to make it. Anyone want to do it with me?

It's a quilt-a-long from the creative folks at Moda Fabrics.

Monday September 19, we'll begin posting the series of 16 free downloadable "blueprints" each Monday. They'll be on our web site as well as here on the blog. The project will run through January 2.  I'll also be sharing photos of my blocks as we go along.  I'm planning to make my quilt using Moda's Grunge line of fabrics. You can follow along with me (we'll be cutting bundles this week of the fabrics I'm using) or use your stash to make it all yours.

Are you ready to plan your quilt? Here's a link to the quilt layout so you can get started.