November 30, 2014

"52 Finishes" How did I do?

“52 Finishes”  How did I do?

Just about a year has gone by since I started my personal challenge of “ 52 finishes”.  If you’re not sure what that is or how it works, you can read about my challenge plan on our January 6, 2014 blog posting. I started the challenge on the 1st week of January, 2014.  I know many of our staff and customers also thought it would be a fun personal challenge to participate in and joined me.  It’s fun to hear how others are doing! 

So, how did I do?  I am almost caught up and feeling good about my finishes!  I added my last finish on Week #46 and now it’s week #48.  I think I’ll make it!  I plan to finish another project today, a Pink Sand Beach purse project that I picked fabric for last summer.  I also have 2 quilts on the way back from the machine quilter that will need bindings in the next couple weeks. 

Here are a couple of my last finishes.  A Holiday Happenings Tree Skirt from an Atkinson Designs pattern and a Joseph’s Coat table runner made as a sample for a new class listed in the winter schedule.

I had started this challenge by making a list of unfinished projects. I did finish a few of those but found most of my finishes were new projects—not always done as soon as I planned but at least done.  That might be partly because we always need new samples for the shop or for classes or just because I’m a quilter and love starting something new.  Most of you probably understand that!  

So my plan is to start again this year.  I have a ready-made list of unfinished projects that I wrote last year and a few I can add.  Those are still possibilities for finishes. Or maybe some of those would be better suited to gifting them to a group that would finish them for charity quilts.  Do you think that counts as a finish?  They’d no longer be in my sewing room!  

So join me in the 2015 ~ 52 Finishes.  It will be fun!  Trust me!