December 11, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 13

Today's tip: Be sure to follow the instructions for making the leaves (step 2) so you have mirror image leaves.  Some of us might have been hurrying along too much and made all of the leaves facing
the same direction.

Oh well, it didn't take to long to fix it.

Here's my fabric selection for those of you following along with the Moda Grunge fabric selection:

  • Leaves - Decadent
  • Flowers - Sunflower for the larger circle and Raspberry for the center 
  • Roof - Papaya 
  • Half-square triangles - Papaya 
  • House - Vert
  • Windows - Creme
  • Bird applique: Beak - Sunshine; Body & Tail - Cobalt; Wing - Sky; Eye - Eggplant
Have fun!

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