December 31, 2010

Lone Star Show

Here's a sneak peek of the Lone Star Show. Our staff has done an incredible job. We have 14 fantastic quilts on display. I'll be posting a slide show of the entire show in a few days.


And the new year begins

At this time of year it's always fun to reflect on the events of the 2010 and look forward to 2011.

It's been a good year for Glad Creations. We spiffed up the shop with new carpet throughout and fresh paint. It was a trial when going on, but well worth it! Our staff all pitched in and we are forever thankful!

We had some fun events this year. The Twin Cities Shop Hop is always great fun and such a nice group of shops to work with. The Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop was also fun. Such creativity in the quilting world. Nancy and I were the speakers at 3 different quilt guilds this year. We put on the program for the Chaska Quilters, the Deep Valley Quilters in Mankato and the Rochester quilt guild. It was great fun to meet all of those quilters and to share some of our quilts and some of Glad's prize winning appliqued quilts. Glad attended with us and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also enjoyed the Minnesota Quilt show in St. Cloud this year. It was great fun to touch base with quilters around the state and to share our love of quilting.

Personally, 2010 was a great year. Our family was blessed with good health and good times. We were also blessed with the arrival of a 2nd grandson, Win. What can be better than that?

So what will 2011 bring us? We are looking forward to another great year. It is starting out with one of the greatest quilt displays we have put up. The Lone Star Show is amazing. Our staff really went all out making some magnificent quilts. Be sure to come in to see it. It will be up through January 8. We know we will have those fun shop hops to look forward to. Also the Minnesota Quilt show in St. Paul. We will be the speakers this year at the St Cloud Heritage Quilters Guild and also the Women of the West. And who knows what else will pop up?

We wish all of you a wonderful 2011. Thank you for all your support this past year. We look forward to seeing many of you, enjoying your quilting accomplishments and getting to know you all even better.

December 17, 2010

White Christmas

OK, all you quilters that have been dreaming and wishing for a white Christmas. You can stop now! Your wishes have come true! It definitely will be a white Christmas! After 2 snow emergencies in Mpls, they have now restricted parking for the rest of the winter. So, just a word of warning--there is no parking on the North side of 34th street. (that's across the street from the shop) until April 1--or until a lot of this snow melts. You can park on the south side of 34th (the side the shop is on) or on either side of Bloomington Ave. This may be frustrating at times, but you will find it much easier to drive on the Mpls streets. You may want to car-pool if possible, especially on a class day. Those of you coming to Scrap Tamers could come to one of the smaller afternoon sessions for easier parking if that would work for you.
Enjoy the beauty of the snow, think warm thoughts, get some quilting done and we hope to see you soon.

December 6, 2010

Mystery Weekend 46

We've just finished our 4th session of Mystery Weekend 46. What fun! We can't show the Mystery Quilts yet because folks are still working on their Mystery by Mail 46 quilts and we don't want to spoil the surprise for them. We can share all the great "show and tell" that Mystery Weekend participants brought along to share. We saw lots of previous mystery quilts and many other fun quilts as well. It was great to see how many folks completed their "Fancy That" quilt from the March 2010 Mystery Weekend. So many beautiful fabric combinations! Enjoy the slide show. We've labeled the quilts that are Glad Creations designs.

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December 3, 2010

Holiday Fun

We always get into the holiday spirit at the shop by making Christmas stockings for the Aliveness Project. It is always great fun to get all the staff together to work on these. We all bring fabric from home and spend a couple hours doing assembly line sewing. Of course every single year we forget how to make them--but I guess that's also part of the fun. Eleven of us got together in November and made 34 stockings.
How are you coming on your Christmas shopping? Be sure to sign up for our gift registry . You could list books you've had your eye on, a special Glad Creations kit, a gift certificate for a class or merchandise. How about the new EQ 7? Or maybe an assortment of fat quarters or Aurifil thread or a specialty ruler. We're hoping to make it easy for that non-quilting gift giver. Tell your husbands, children, parents, friends you have signed up at the shop. We will even do free gift wrapping! Can't be much better than that!