October 10, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 4

Here's this weeks addition to the Neighborhood.  I think you'll find that this house goes together pretty quickly.  Download the pattern here.

You'll be making 3 quarter-square-triangle units for the foundation of this house.  You can cut the 5-1/4" squares into triangles as listed in the pattern or use another quarter-square-triangle technique if you like.

Another note - when you make the connector corners for the large roof, save the big triangles that you cut off.  You'll be able to use those to cut some smaller pieces on future blocks.

Here's my fabric selection for those of you following along with the Moda Grunge fabrics:

  • House Roof Large and House Roof Small - Cherry
  • Quarter-Square Triangles - Aqua
  • House - I used Elafin for the house except for the two 5-1/4" squares.  I cut those squares from Kelp.
  • Window - Creme
I'd love to see some photos of your finished blocks.  You can email them or post them on our facebook page.  Have fun!  

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