October 12, 2011

South Minneapolis Quilters

We had a fun time last night at the South Minneapolis Quilter's meeting. What a nice bunch of quilters. The focus of our talk was about Glad and all of the wonderful quilts that she has made. Many of those quilts have been prize winners. I think the group was most surprised that she hadn't started quilting until nearly 60 years of age. She's 93 now, so all of the quilts we showed and many, many, many more had been made within about 35 years. We told a little about Glad, her other interests and were able to show about 35 of her quilts. She was able to come to the meeting and I know she enjoyed visiting with all of the quilters and seeing old friends. This is a photo of Glad in her favorite applique chair.

It was also fun to show some of her other craft projects she had been involved in while we were growing up. Did you know she use to make Panorama Sugar Easter Eggs and decorate sugar cubes to sell at a candy store? And some of the quilters at the meeting told us they use to buy her handmade purses back in the 70s--before we opened the shop.

She's just starting her next applique quilt. I think she has a couple blocks done. So it won't be long until we have it on display. We always have a few of her appliqued quilts displayed at the shop. Stop in and see them. You will be amazed.