October 2, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 3

Isn't this a fun house with the mailbox and the cute bird sitting on the roof? Go to our web site to download the pattern for block #3.

You'll have a little bit of applique to do this time.  The pattern notes that the bird pattern pieces are "not reversed". If you're doing hand applique, you can make pattern pieces and use them right side up.  If you're doing fusible machine applique, flip your pattern pieces over when you mark on your fusible product.  Your bird will end up facing the same direction as shown on the picture of the block.  Save your pattern pieces - you'll be making 3 more birds on future blocks. Some face right, others face left.

Be sure to watch the layout diagram as you assemble the mailbox.  
The pattern shows a little circle on the front of the mailbox. I thought it made it look like a birdhouse instead of a mailbox. You choose.

For those of you following my color placement, here it is:
  • House - Sky
  • House roof - Kraft
  • Mailbox front - Kraft
  • Mailbox side & pole - Fur
  • Mailbox roof - Geranium
  • Windows - Creme
  • Flag - Sunflower
  • Flag pole - Gris
  • Bird applique - yellow beak; cobalt body & tail; light blue wing; eggplant eye
Have lots of fun.  I have my first 4 blocks on display at the shop. Stop by and see them if you have a chance.


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