May 25, 2015

Scrap Tamers Mystery is revealed!

Wow!  Another year of our Scrap Tamers Club is over. Scrap Tamers is a 9 month club at Glad Creations.  The club meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month for 9 months, starting in September and running through May.  This year we had about 140 members, meeting in 3 time slots.  We worked with the Stash Pot Pie program, each member getting a pattern each month for a scrap style quilt.  These were great patterns to make using your stash.  We also had a 9 month mystery quilt where members received  a clue each month to make a lapsize quilt. Members could work with a kit or work from their own fabrics. What great fun!  At the last session we took photos of some of the finished quilt tops.  What a great group!  I couldn't believe how many tops were finished.

We plan to publish this pattern as a Glad Creations pattern in the fall.  It is called Nine Stars Rising.  Watch for information about it in our E-mail update, class schedule or facebook page.

A great part of our Scrap Tamers session is the show and tell.  Members range from beginners to advanced quilters. They range from very traditional quilters to art quilters.  The great thing about quilters is they appreciate what others do and love to see any and all quilts.   We saw some absolutely wonderful and creative quilts.

We also talk about all of the new products that we have at the shop.  It's sort of a mini quilt class each time.  We show how new tools can be used, talk about the content in new books and try to add to the skills the members have.

We will start our next session of Scrap Tamers in September. First day to sign up will be August 22.   We plan to do a mystery quilt again and include some scrap quilt patterns each month.  The plans are still being made for next year.  More information will be available this summer.

Hope you will join us next year for our Scrap Tamers Club.  And who knows what the next mystery will be!  It's still a mystery to us!