September 18, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 1

Here's my first block for Moda's "Be My Neighbor" quilt.  You can pick up your block pattern from our web site here.
Each week I'll be posting the selection of Moda Grunge fabrics that I've used in my block. I'll also let you know if I have any tips for cutting and assembling the block.

My fabric selection for block 1:

  • House - Geranium
  • Windows - Creme
  • Roof & Chimneys - Fur
  • Tree - I used assorted greens, aqua and jade. The trunk is Fur.

This week I have a few tips for cutting for scrappy blocks.

  • Background - you'll be cutting lots of different size squares and rectangles from your background fabrics.  It made sense to me to cut a strip across the width of the fabric for each size needed.  I then cut the squares and/or rectangles needed and labeled the leftover strip with it's width.  That makes it easy when you're working on the next block to pick up the size strip that you need. 
  • I am using the same approach to cutting for the house and trees.  I've cut strips in the sizes needed. cut off the squares or rectangles listed and saved the leftover ends for future blocks.  Don't worry about direction unless you have an obviously directional fabric.  For example: cutting the pieces for this first house, I cut the 2 - 12-1/2" x 2-1/2" rectangles and 3 - 2-1/2" x 7-1/2" rectangles from strips cut 2-1/2" x width of fabric.
  • I'm using "Creme" for windows in most of the blocks.  Most of the windows in future blocks are also 3-1/2" squares so if you cut a 3-1/2" strip, you'll use it again.
I know many of you are planning to select fabrics from your stash as you go.  We'd love to see how your blocks are coming along!  Post a picture to our facebook page or send me an email and I'll put together an album for each block.


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