December 26, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 15

Note as you get started on this block: Be sure to follow the piecing sequence for the roof sections. The first step is to add the 2-3/4" background squares onto each end of the 14" x 2-3/4" roof section with a diagonal seam. Add the 14" x 7" roof section to the unit you've already sewn, then add the 7-1/2" background square to the roof section.  This technique make the upper roof section float a bit.

Here's my fabric selection using the Moda Grunge bundle 

  • Roof - Gris
  • House - Rose
  • Pinwheel Dark - Raspberry
  • Pinwheel Light - Creme
  • Tree - assorted Greens and Teals
  • Tree Trunk - Fur

Keep having fun! Only one block left to go when you've completed this one!


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