January 25, 2012

A Quilting Retreat

Would you believe that Nancy and I have never gone on a quilt retreat? I know that many of you go on retreats--we've heard all of the fun stories. We know you go again and again, so it must be fun. Well, this is our first. We won't be teaching, just participating. Will we bring enough projects? What if we forget something important? I've been trying to organize my projects today. Of course that was after I finished my mystery quilt which I can't bring with me! I'm bringing parts to make a 7 sisters quilt using the Marti Michell templates, the next project for Scrap Tamers and some parts for the Scrap Tamers mystery quilt. I might get together some half-square triangle paper piecing for a quilt I've always wanted to make--one by From My Heart to Your Hands. Don't quite have it pulled together, but might get some of it organized. Is that enough? I might spend some time on a nature walk--I've heard that the Lanesborough area is beautiful. I've also heard you can get a massage. Now that would be fun. And I've got a new book I'm reading. Oh, and handwork on the binding for the Twin Cities Shop Hop Quilt--may pass it around for anyone wishing to put their feet up and do some handwork. Am I ready????? Did I forget anything???? I'll let you know how it went. Please respond with any tips you have.

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One Minnesota Quilter said...

You will have a wonderful time there - it's great fun. Sounds like you have enough to work on!