January 5, 2014

Two-Color Quilt Show

It's time for another staff quilt show at Glad Creations.  Each year we get together and vote on a theme for our annual staff quilt show. We decided on Two-Color quilts for this year's show.

It's always a fun process as each of us decides what quilt to make for the show. This year as we started planning our quilts and sharing our ideas, we found that when we voted on this theme, we had many different definitions of  Two-Color quilts.  Some of us pictured a quilt made with only two fabrics - one solid or print for the pattern with a contrasting background.  Others saw their quilts with the contrast of one color for the pattern against a contrasting background but with a variety of prints for each.  Then there were those of us who selected 2 colors but selected a range of values in each of the colors to create their pattern.

So, as happens with a group of creative people, we threw out the rules.  We decided that we should each make our quilt based on our own vision of what a Two-Color Quilt should be.  It turned out to be a great show with lots of fun variety.

The quilts will be on display at Glad Creations through January 11, 2014.  Stop by and check them out! If you aren't able to get in to the shop to see that quilts, enjoy our slide show.

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