April 10, 2013

Love the new Pineapple Trim Tool

 I got to spend some time playing with the new Pineapple Trim Tool by Creative Grid.  It's a special ruler designed to help you make accurate Pineapple blocks.  Make 6", 8" or 10" blocks.

Blocks are squared up after each round of strips is added.  Use the white markings and trim with the diagonal side of the ruler for the odd numbered rounds.  Square up with the black center squares and the 90 degree corner for the even numbered rounds.


Add oversized corners and square up the block.  Works beautifully.  It comes with super easy to follow instructions or come in and see our demo boards.  They will show you how easy this is.

Now what fabrics from my stash should I use to make a new Pineapple Quilt?

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