December 20, 2012


We have a group that gets together once a month at Glad Creations. We just call it "Quilt Club". It includes our current staff as well as several former staff members – from as far back as 1984! It's fun to get together. We usually see some recently completed projects, sometimes we bring some quilting to work on, there's often a lesson or demo by one of the group members. Sometimes we just enjoy the companionship of long-time friends. 

So, a few months ago some of us started talking about foods that we remembered eating as children. For many of us that was 1950's and 60's. We had so much fun talking about it that we decided to have a 50's – 60's potluck for our holiday get-together. Just a note, some of us could remember those days and some had to do some internet research to come up with a recipe.

Our friend Georgia offered to host. Her south Minneapolis bungalow was all decked out for Christmas. Every room was filled with fun holiday decorations!

Here's the menu
 • Ham salad appetizer - with Ritz Crackers of course.
• Cheesy olive bites – green olives wrapped in a bit of dough (of course with lots of butter and cheese) and baked.
• Buttered popcorn
• Tater tot hot dish (2 types - tuna and ground beef) – of course Mary did due diligence and confirmed that tater tots were introduced in 1953!
• Wienie Wonders – not what you think – it involves hot dogs, hard cooked eggs, sweet pickles and a meat grinder. I think it was a girl scout recipe.
• Porcupine meatballs
• Chicken Tetrazzini
• Orange Jewel jello – complete with mandarin oranges and cream cheese balls.
• Red jello with fruit cocktail.
• And the highlight of the main course – fried Spam topped with fried pineapple and a maraschino cherry!

Desserts followed – Chiffon pie, banana pudding with vanilla wafers and "chocolate oops"!

Wow! What a meal. We should probably all just eat salads for the rest of the week.

We had some fun show and tell. Debbie brought the quilt she's finishing for our staff quilt show "Vintage Glad's Quilts". She used our Shady Grove pattern for her quilt. If you haven't heard about the upcoming show, here's the scoop. Staff members who wanted to participate selected a pattern from a list of the first 24 Glad Creations patterns and made an updated version of the quilt in current fabrics. The quilts will be on display at the shop January 1 – 11, 2013.  We're pretty excited to see all of these quilts hanging.  We'll be getting out the original versions of the quilts too.

Cheri brought her nearly completed Hopscotch quilt to show. She added some special appliqué butterflies. It's going to be a gift for a special friend. All it needs is binding.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday from all of us at Glad Creations!

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Carol said...

Here in Tennessee, Banana Pudding with vanilla wafers is still an important dessert! Glad we don't have to eat spam with pineapple