March 16, 2012

National Quilting Day

National Quilting Day is Saturday. We have the 7th Session of our Scrap Tamers + Marti and Me Club scheduled. There are 135 quilters who have been part of the club this year. We meet in 3 time-slots of 45 members each. We have had a Scrap Tamers club for several years and each year have run it a little differently. This year we combined it with the Marti & Me Club. I think everyone, including me, has learned a lot this year. Each month we have focused on a different tool designed by Marti Michell. Members also receive a free Marti Michell pattern that uses that tool. It's been great fun. One of my favorites was the Good Neighbors pattern using the Small House Template Set. (Nathan and Cheri will be running a summer school class on this quilt) This Saturday the pattern is the Carpenter's Wheel which uses the Marti Michell Set A, based on a 3" unit.

In the other classroom applique lovers will be learning from Pat Cox. We had enough applique lovers to fill both a morning and an afternoon class. They surely make some beautiful quilts.

What will you be doing for National Quilting Day? We know what we'll be doing.

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