November 23, 2011

Quick Gift Idea Demo

Here's a list of some of the things we'll be showing at the Quick Gift Demo on Saturday, November 26. The demo will run from 10:00 - 1:00. Hope to see you there.

Quick and Easy Gift Ideas from Glad Creations ~ November 2011

La Todera patterns

· The Kafflower—just some hand gathering, glue and accessories

· The Slipper Orchid Brooch—hand gathering, glue and accessories. Our sample is the full size. Smaller flowers could be made by reducing the size of the template on a copy machine.

· The Poinsettia Brooch—hand gathering, glue and accessories. Our sample used 3 layers of petals. A smaller flower could be made using 2 layers of petals.

· The Kanzashi Flower Fascinator—uses the Clover Large Pointed Petal Maker

Clover Kanzashi Flower Makers

3 styles—2 sizes of each---Hand gathering by following the numbers on the template. The large flowers are smaller than those made with the La Todera patterns.

Reader Wrap by Atkinson Designs—for the Nook or E-reader

Composition Covers by Indigo Junction

Take 4 Placemats by Something So Fine Quilt Design

Lollipop Bag by Atkinson Designs

Waffle Time by Atkinson Designs

Amazingly Simple Coasters & Hot Pads by Tiger Lily Press

Candice by Lazy Girl Designs

Kids Aprons by Cotton Ginny ~ Farm Friends, Fun Friends and Jungle Friends.

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