August 28, 2011

Scrap Tamers Signup Day

Why the crowd in front of the shop? It was Scrap Tamer Plus Marti and Me signup day. Word has it that the line started at 7 AM. Sign up started at 9:30. Fun to see all the quilters with their chairs, coffee, donuts etc. Scrap Tamers Club Plus meets the 3rd Saturday of each month. The first meeting will be Saturday, September 17. We have 3 sessions scheduled--there are still a few openings in the 1:00 session. I think it will be a lot of fun this year as we're combining the From Marti and Me club with our traditional Scrap Tamers club--2 clubs for the price one ! I'm all about learning as many things about quilting as you can! And the Marti and Me club offers some fun new techniques and information about using her well designed tools and rulers.

If you're interested, call the shop or come in to get more information. We have sample bundles made for the Mystery Quilt we will be doing in the club. Order one or you can work from your stash--after all, this is Scrap Tamers. We also have a sample of the 1st project for the From Marti and Me Club. It's a really fun table runner called Bali Breezes. Each of the Marti Michell patterns will feature one of her rulers. This time it is the Small Full Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler.

So, come join in the fun--next year you may be out in front of the shop--anxious to sign up again.

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