June 22, 2011

Quilt Comfort

We have a fantastic group of quilters that meet at the shop each month making quilts, primarily for children. The quilts are all donated to organizations that can use them. It's amazing how many quilts they produce! Not only do they get a lot done but they have loads of fun doing it.

Wanda, a group member was recently contacted by a physician friend, who is also a quilter, about the possibility of the group donating quilts to kids displaced by the tornado that devastated parts of north Minneapolis on May 22. The group participants were notified, and all who responded agreed it was a perfect opportunity to help in a timely way.

Wanda made contacts through the emergency resource numbers and learned that the Red Cross would be an appropriate recipient for distributing the quilts where they were most needed. On May 22 she delivered 30 kid-themed quilts to the Red Cross. They were happy to get a variety of sizes and put them right in the next truck headed to the north location.

These busy quilters have done much more than this! So far this year they have delivered quilts to the following organizations:
Children's Hospital - 66 quilts plus 105 small quilts for a special event
St. Joseph's Home - 5 children's quilts & 5 wall quilts
Veteran's Home - 6 quilts
Red Cross - 30 quilts

What a generous group of quilters. They share so much of their time to make all of this happen.

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