December 17, 2010

White Christmas

OK, all you quilters that have been dreaming and wishing for a white Christmas. You can stop now! Your wishes have come true! It definitely will be a white Christmas! After 2 snow emergencies in Mpls, they have now restricted parking for the rest of the winter. So, just a word of warning--there is no parking on the North side of 34th street. (that's across the street from the shop) until April 1--or until a lot of this snow melts. You can park on the south side of 34th (the side the shop is on) or on either side of Bloomington Ave. This may be frustrating at times, but you will find it much easier to drive on the Mpls streets. You may want to car-pool if possible, especially on a class day. Those of you coming to Scrap Tamers could come to one of the smaller afternoon sessions for easier parking if that would work for you.
Enjoy the beauty of the snow, think warm thoughts, get some quilting done and we hope to see you soon.

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