September 25, 2008

Quilts of Valor

We have our Scrap Tamers Quilt of Valor ready to give to the machine quilter, Kars Quilting in Chanhassen. Then the binding, then back to Kars who will get it to our Minnesota Quilt of Valor group. Two of the women who are involved in Quilts of Valor stopped in the shop this week. They have made the connections for distributing the finished quilts. They are also the women who physically deliver the quilts to the different facilities and do a lot of the bindings. They now have enough connections made that all quilts made in Minnesota and given to the Minnesota group can stay in Minnesota. The quilts are given to hospitals, rehab facilities and also to those who will be deployed overseas. What a commitment! The suggested size of the quilts is around 54" x 67". But now that they are giving them to those soldiers being deployed, they can use some longer quilts. (it may be really hot there, but the barracks are air conditioned and the quilts give the soldiers a nice connection to home). They also can use smaller quilts for those soldiers who are now in wheel chairs.
What a giving group quilters are! From those who make the quilts, volunteer their quilting time, organize things so this all works or donate money. It works because so many people are involved. It makes me proud to be a quilter.
If you want more information on Quilts of Valor you can go to
I'll post a photo of our quilt as soon as we get it done.

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