August 30, 2008

Make 2/Give 2

September is National Sewing month. I just read about a fun idea on the Lazy Girl blog and thought I'd pass it on. Lazy Girl Designs suggests giving a gift of 2 tote bags to a friend sometime in September. One is for your friend, the other is for your friend to give away. You can enjoy the joy of sewing and giving a hand made gift. The friend also can enjoy the feeling of giving away a hand made gift. She even has a description of how to wrap it. What a fun idea. On her website, she has a free pattern for a "With love tote". This is a large tote which could be used for many things. She has added some instructions for boxing the bottom if you prefer that kind of bag. If this sounds like fun, check it out. You can also subscribe to her blog so you can read about other fun ideas she has. Her website is Click on her blog and go to Make2/Give2.
Have a nice labor day weekend. Susan

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