May 10, 2012

Who doesn't love a bargain?

Are you thinking about doing the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop this year?  We have 11 shops in the Central East Section this year and we have a bargain for you.  We will have bus trips on the 1st weekend of the shop hop.  That's on August 3rd and 4th.  They will leave from 4 different locations.  These are 2 day trips with no overnight.  The cost of the 2 day bus trip is $99.  If you sign up before May 30, you get a Early Bird Signup price of $89.

Now there's more.  Everyone who rides the bus will get a $10 coupon from each of the 11 shops.  And guess what - you can even use the coupon on purchases during the hop!  If you use the coupons, it seems that we must be paying you to come.  And you save on gas, have fun with a group of quilters and leave the driving to us.  Plus you will be qualified for the Central East section prizes.  Now how can you beat that!

You can sign up at any of the 11 shops, but if you sign up at Glads and ride the bus from the Mall of America location, you will get our very own Cheri for your bus mom!  And you know how fun that will be.

So don't put this off! Save a little money, so you can buy more fabric, by signing up early.  We have all of the information at the shop.  Call or come in if you have questions.  Our phone number - 612-724-1079.


Nancy said...

Is this true that we can use the coupons during the hop? I see you made a point to mention that, but the Quilt Minnesota website says they are for use after the hop. Thanks!

Nancy said...

Yes, it's true, you can use the coupons during the hop. The updated info should be on the Quilt Minnesota web site soon. Nancy

quiltmom05 said...
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quiltmom05 said...

Are there only buses that one weekend? How many shops will be done each day? What are the departure and arrival times? Thanks!