September 25, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 2

Here's my block 2 for Moda's Be My Neighbor quilt.  It looks to me like it's a barn with a quilt painted on the side. Pick up your pattern for block 2 here.  I hope you're all having fun!

Here are the fabrics I used in my block.
I divided up the house color a little differently than listed in the pattern.
  • House:
1 - 9-1/2" x 3-1/4" rectangle - Geranium
1 - 9-1/2" x 2-1/4" rectangle - Geranium
4 - 5" x 2" rectangles - Geranium
2 - 3-7/8" squares - Decadent
4 - 2-3/8" squares - Decadent

  • House roof - Fur
  • Pinwheel - Jade
  • Pinwheel Points - Purssian Blue
  • Tower - Papaya
  • Tower Roof - Lustra
  • Tower Chimney - Lustra
Remember to share photos of your blocks as you finish them.


September 18, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor - Block 1

Here's my first block for Moda's "Be My Neighbor" quilt.  You can pick up your block pattern from our web site here.
Each week I'll be posting the selection of Moda Grunge fabrics that I've used in my block. I'll also let you know if I have any tips for cutting and assembling the block.

My fabric selection for block 1:

  • House - Geranium
  • Windows - Creme
  • Roof & Chimneys - Fur
  • Tree - I used assorted greens, aqua and jade. The trunk is Fur.

This week I have a few tips for cutting for scrappy blocks.

  • Background - you'll be cutting lots of different size squares and rectangles from your background fabrics.  It made sense to me to cut a strip across the width of the fabric for each size needed.  I then cut the squares and/or rectangles needed and labeled the leftover strip with it's width.  That makes it easy when you're working on the next block to pick up the size strip that you need. 
  • I am using the same approach to cutting for the house and trees.  I've cut strips in the sizes needed. cut off the squares or rectangles listed and saved the leftover ends for future blocks.  Don't worry about direction unless you have an obviously directional fabric.  For example: cutting the pieces for this first house, I cut the 2 - 12-1/2" x 2-1/2" rectangles and 3 - 2-1/2" x 7-1/2" rectangles from strips cut 2-1/2" x width of fabric.
  • I'm using "Creme" for windows in most of the blocks.  Most of the windows in future blocks are also 3-1/2" squares so if you cut a 3-1/2" strip, you'll use it again.
I know many of you are planning to select fabrics from your stash as you go.  We'd love to see how your blocks are coming along!  Post a picture to our facebook page or send me an email and I'll put together an album for each block.


September 11, 2016

Moda's Be My Neighbor

When I saw Moda's Neighborhood quilt, I knew I had to make it. Anyone want to do it with me?

It's a quilt-a-long from the creative folks at Moda Fabrics.

Monday September 19, we'll begin posting the series of 16 free downloadable "blueprints" each Monday. They'll be on our web site as well as here on the blog. The project will run through January 2.  I'll also be sharing photos of my blocks as we go along.  I'm planning to make my quilt using Moda's Grunge line of fabrics. You can follow along with me (we'll be cutting bundles this week of the fabrics I'm using) or use your stash to make it all yours.

Are you ready to plan your quilt? Here's a link to the quilt layout so you can get started.


December 2, 2015

Don't you love Show & Tell

Last month we enjoyed three Mystery Weekend sessions here at Glad Creations with a total of 55 participants!  What could be more fun. This was our 56th Mystery Weekend. Since we offer this workshop twice a year, that means we've been offering Mystery Weekends for over 25 years.  It's through these Mystery sessions that we've developed our line of over  90 patterns for bed size quilts.

One of our favorite parts of the weekends is the Show & Tell.  It's so much fun to see all of the finished quilts.  Of course, we see quite a few completed quilts from the previous two mysteries.  Sunburst was from our March 2015 session and Star-Crossed was from our session a year ago.  We also get to see quilts from some of our other patterns and many beautiful quilts from a variety of sources.  Congratulations to everyone who shared their wonderful quilts!

During the show & tell, we like to snap some photos so we can share all these great quilts in a slide show.  You'll see quilt names that are from our line of patterns as you look through the slides.  Enjoy the show!  Just so you know - you won't see the Mystery 56 quilt in the slide show.  Some folks are still working on the pattern in the Mystery by Mail format.  We don't want to spoil their surprise!

Just in case you haven't heard, we're making some changes to our weekend workshops.  Instead of Mystery Weekend, we'll be offering Not a Mystery - Weekend in our winter schedule.  This new workshop will run a lot like the Mystery Weekends.  The big change is that participants can work on any Glad Creations pattern.  We know that many of you have patterns you've been dreaming about starting or that you have been collecting fabric for.  Some of you might even have a couple of our kits waiting to be your next project. So, we think this newly designed class sounds like a lot of fun.  Plan on demos, show & tell, and fun sewing with others.

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May 25, 2015

Scrap Tamers Mystery is revealed!

Wow!  Another year of our Scrap Tamers Club is over. Scrap Tamers is a 9 month club at Glad Creations.  The club meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month for 9 months, starting in September and running through May.  This year we had about 140 members, meeting in 3 time slots.  We worked with the Stash Pot Pie program, each member getting a pattern each month for a scrap style quilt.  These were great patterns to make using your stash.  We also had a 9 month mystery quilt where members received  a clue each month to make a lapsize quilt. Members could work with a kit or work from their own fabrics. What great fun!  At the last session we took photos of some of the finished quilt tops.  What a great group!  I couldn't believe how many tops were finished.

We plan to publish this pattern as a Glad Creations pattern in the fall.  It is called Nine Stars Rising.  Watch for information about it in our E-mail update, class schedule or facebook page.

A great part of our Scrap Tamers session is the show and tell.  Members range from beginners to advanced quilters. They range from very traditional quilters to art quilters.  The great thing about quilters is they appreciate what others do and love to see any and all quilts.   We saw some absolutely wonderful and creative quilts.

We also talk about all of the new products that we have at the shop.  It's sort of a mini quilt class each time.  We show how new tools can be used, talk about the content in new books and try to add to the skills the members have.

We will start our next session of Scrap Tamers in September. First day to sign up will be August 22.   We plan to do a mystery quilt again and include some scrap quilt patterns each month.  The plans are still being made for next year.  More information will be available this summer.

Hope you will join us next year for our Scrap Tamers Club.  And who knows what the next mystery will be!  It's still a mystery to us!


April 1, 2015


Susan and I have just completed our 55th round of Mystery Weekend sessions - can you believe it??? We love both visiting with longtime friends and meeting new friends as we teach the workshops.  Who could ask for a better job?

We can't show you the new Mystery Quilt yet since folks are still working with our Mystery by Mail kits.  We can show you the pictures we snapped of the show and tell that participants brought to share with the group. Show and Tell is one of the best parts of Mystery Weekend for us.  It's always fun to see what past mystery quilters have completed since the previous session and we love seeing the special projects that our new mystery quilters bring to share.

We saw several quilts using the patterns from the most recent Mystery Weekends. We saw several versions of Gracie's Favorite and Star-Crossed. It's amazing how different they look with different fabric selections. The Gracie's Favorite pattern is available on our website.  Star-Crossed will be coming out as a pattern later this spring.

Enjoy our slide show!  We've labeled quilts in the show that are Glad Creations patterns. You'll be able to find the Glad Creations patterns in the pattern section of our website.   What fun!


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January 4, 2015


Stripes! Our annual staff challenge quilt show is hanging in the second floor of the shop January 1 - 10, 2015.  We've put together a slide show so you can get a look at the quilts. Of course, if you can come and see them in person, all the better!

We started out planning quilts using striped fabric. As always, we're a creative bunch and like to broaden the rules.  Along the way someone says, "this quilt looks like stripes even though there is no stripe fabric. Does that count as a stripe quilt?"  Sure, why not.

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