November 2, 2018

A note of thanks to all of our loyal customers!

Nothing lasts forever!  It is with mixed emotions that we have decided close Glad Creations sometime after the 1st of the year.  We opened the shop in 1976.  That’s 42 years ago.  We never imagined that we would still be in business in 2018.  It has been a wonderful and fulfilling adventure.  We have become friends with so many people, worked with beautiful fabrics, learned new techniques and have loved inspiring and teaching others.  But we have decided that it’s time to turn the page to the next phase of our lives, retirement.  We talked to several quilters who wished to own a quilt shop.  Isn’t that everyone’s dream?  But as of now, nothing has worked out. 

Our plan is to run our shop as usual until the end of 2018.  We still have some classes coming up and new fabric coming in.  We have a huge shipment of Hoffman batiks on the way, some reorders of our Aboriginal prints and a new group from Moda called Voysey, based on some prints from the Victoria and Albert Museum.   We will start our liquidation sale on the 1st of the year, during our annual New Year’s sale.  Our yearly staff quilt show “Our Color Story” will be on display from January 1 – 12.  Sad that this will be our last show!  What a wonderful staff we have been blessed with.   We plan to continue marketing the Glad Creations pattern line.  Final plans for how that will work are not yet determined. We will be working out the final liquidation details and will let you know of our plans through our E-mail updates and on our facebook page.  Be sure to follow us!

And a special word of thanks to all of you for your support and your friendship.  We have shared joys and sorrows, laughter and grieving with so many of you.  You have become like family.  We will miss you and can’t thank you enough for your friendship.

Nancy and Susan


Jeanquilts said...

Sigh! Of course I wish you all a great and happy life after 'Glad'! You and the shop will be missed by many. I know it's been a hard decision to close.Glad Creations will always be my favorite quilt shop.

Jean Bushey

Unknown said...

Nancy and Susan
So happy for you on retiring to pursue different directions and just have fun:) SO very sad for the rest of us to have to learn to continue to be creative and stitch ourselves happy without you all. Thanks for being the mainstay of many of us in the quilting world here in Minneapolis. I have learned so much from all of you. I promise to carry quilting forward to the next generation in a manner befitting Glad Creations memory. You are the best or as the younger crowd puts guys rock! thank you thank you thank you.
Susan Parham

Unknown said...

Glad Creations was the first quilt shop I came to when we visited Minnesota for the first time to get ready for our move to the state from Illinois. Glad Creations always felt like family to me! I remember your patience with my children (not always the best behaved) and the way you knew what fabrics you were getting in that I would particularly like. I did! I'm going to miss you and the shop very much but understand your need to move towards new horizons. I'm looking forward to one more new years sale. I don't know, but I think you need some balloons to pop ;) Thank you for all your support over the years. Mary Drabik

Julie P said...

What a delight it has been to learn the variety of skills for quilting over the years from Nancy, Susan, Glad and the staff! You made it so fun and I'm thankful for your expertise, sense of humor and conversations, and definitely your patience as I was learning. I will absolutely miss the shop but I'm happy for you as you embark on this next adventure!

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